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sweaters, thread, and imagination

The green griffin is a mother-daughter team, who lives in Dacula, GA. Lorena is the mom, living in a metal-roofed house, buried in the woods, with chickens, bees, husband, adult son with special needs, and dog. Lorena recently retired after a career as a public librarian. She loves nature and all things artistic. Right now, in addition to the green griffin, she spends her time painting in watercolor and eco-dyeing. Her current book is “The Hidden Life of Trees,” by Peter Wohlleben.

Aline is the daughter. Married and homeschooling a six-year-old daughter, Aline lives 10 minutes from the forest of her childhood. She has a deep reverence for nature, loves to bake (homemade bread is her specialty), and practices herbal medicine. She’s currently reading “The House Witch,” by Arin Murphy-Hiscock.

The green griffin uses upcycled wool felt to create fun items for the home, for children, and to wear. Their works are wacky and colorful, never vanilla, and they have a particular affinity for Waldorf-style hand work.

Their second chances begin at the local thrift store. There they hunt for sweaters made from 100% animal fibers. Next, they wash and sanitize the woolens, turning them into felt. That’s when the fun begins. Their stash contains solids in every color, as well as many stripes and prints. They cut, sew, embroider, needle felt, and otherwise play in the fiber magic, producing whimsical, sustainable, and truly one-of-a-kind products.

Celebrate the goodness that is the green griffin.